Favorite Links

An excellent collection of Sanskrit Documents in Devanagari display and transliteration format.

An excellent site providing the original 24,000 Sanskrit slokas. Also provided in English is word to word translation, meaning and excellent commentary by Sri Desiraju Hanumanta Rao (Bala, Aranya and Kishkindha Kanda ) and Sri K. M. K. Murthy (Ayodhya and Yuddha Kanda) with contributions from Durga Naaga Devi and Vaasudeva Kishore (Sundara Kanda). Audio of Sanskrit slokas is also available.

An excellent site for the multilingual Bhagavad Gita with translations, classical and contemporary commentaries and much more. You can compare translations by various acharyas. This site is the courtesy of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

An excellent collection of audio lectures by none other than Swami Paramarthananda who is an ocean of knowledge on Sanskrit and Vedic scriptures. Go nowhere else to study Vedic scriptures from a distance!

An excellent resource for online learning of the Sanskrit, mother of Indo-European languages. Small fee.

An excellent site of Shri Aurobindo Kapali Shastry Institute of Vedic Culture (SAKSI) whose aim is to spread the message of Veda and Shri Aurobindo.

The website of Gita Press, Gorakhpur, who has been the most powerful publication house in India for propagating systematically Vedic teachings. There publications are well done technically and their publications are so cheap!

An excellent site for Vedic resources. Do check it out!